About Sildalisxm

Sildalisxm provides news media reviews, and industry techniques to help readers make informed choices and enhance their knowledge.

Our Mission

We aim to empower readers with unbiased insights and practical tips to choose ideal news sources, as well as master techniques for achieving their personal news literacy goals.


Launched in 2015 out of a passion for news, Sildalisxm has grown from a hobby blog into an educational resource relied upon by thousands of readers daily. Our expanding team now includes a professional journalist, media analyst, and more experts to come.

Our Approach

Leveraging first-hand testing and input from real readers, we offer transparent assessments of news outlets and straight-forward guidance on navigating the media. As an independently-run outlet, we uphold strict policies against external influence to maintain our focus on readers’ interests.

Moving Forward

We welcome your engagement through shares, feedback, and discussions. By working together to enrich the conversation around news, we hope to keep advancing literacy and deepening the love for this rewarding field.